Cash Flow Planning For Individuals, Families, & Business Owners

Debt Free Planning

A realistic plan to free yourself from debt once and for all and stop adding to it immediately.

Planned Spending

Budgets don’t work! Implement a sustainable cash flow plan that will change your life.

Increased Savings

With debt and spending under control, jumpstart your savings for retirement and other financial goals.

Kathryn Mandelcorn

FMACertified Money Coach, ​PFP®, QAFP™ | Cash Flow Strategies

After 15 years in banking, investments and financial planning, Kathryn began her work as a Money Coach in 2012 when she sought to provide cash flow planning advice not tied to the management of assets or the sale of products. She wanted to help people let go of their scarcity mindset, to articulate what they really wanted out of life, to get out of debt and to use money as a tool to support their values.

In late 2017, Kathryn joined Spring to lead Cash Flow Strategies and further enhance the lives of our clients. She helps transform habits with money to ones that are more liberating, truthful and mindful. She develops strategies and implements systems to manage money so our clients can save with intention and spend without guilt. She equips our clients to align their money with their values to live a life they love with the money they have now.

Kathryn is based in Port Moody, BC idyllically situated between her two favourite locales – the forest and the ocean. She is 5 minutes from a mountain bike ride or a paddleboard. She gets up awfully early to take her young son to hockey practice but takes comfort that it’s not year round and she still has lots of opportunity to travel.


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