December 2019 Update

by | Dec 17, 2019

Your Spring Plans newsletter arrives a little earlier than usual this month because we are very hopeful that you have the opportunity to walk away from your email and enjoy some relaxation in the last few weeks of the year. Of course, we know you’ll want a few things to read… 

Julia has a last-minute, final instalment in our design thinking series, focused on capturing everything we’ve learned this year, and making it actionable. If you’ve packed away all of your thoughts about 2019, don’t despair! These tips will be useful for 2020 and all the years that follow. Timeless, we tell you. Sandi also has another collection of great reads for you to pick through in your downtime. 

As we take stock of what we have accomplished over the past 12 months, we want to thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, and being a part of our community. We love writing for you, whether you work with us in any capacity, or are simply an avid student of personal finance. 

We have many great plans for 2020, including a new, year-long series that we hope you’ll enjoy, plus more great reads, book reviews, and writings from even more members of our team. We’ve designed more pages for our website, which we’ll announce as we roll them out, including detailed information on the work we are doing in cash flow, portfolio strategies, and with physicians. 

As we close out the holiday season, with you in mind, we want you to know that we almost sent you a card, and a little gift. We put together our holiday spending plan, looked at the costs and the time, and we wondered if there was a more impactful way to tell you that we are thinking of you this season. To that end, we donated all of the money we had planned on spending on giving you some direct holiday cheer to Covenant House, one of the many charities near and dear to our hearts. This year, we are thanking you for reading along with us, working with us, and supporting our Little Financial Planning Firm That Could by making the holidays a little warmer for children on the streets of Vancouver. 

We hope your weather outside is not too frightful, and that you are surrounded by love and happiness throughout the holiday season (and throughout the rest of the year, quite honestly). 

All the best from our families to yours,

Spring Team

Lindsay, Jiveney, Julia, Sandi, Kathryn, Karen, Darryl, Krysten, Tracey
Chris, Nick, Megan, Aspen, Margaret, Morgan, Karyn, Christina, Brittany, Katie, Cheri
(Yes! There are that many people on the Spring team this year!!)

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