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The Story

We met, as many do, on the internet. We were casting about for other fee-for-service financial planners to share ideas and build best practices, and created a group that met online monthly to do just that (we still meet – ask us about it if you want to be involved).

After realizing we shared values and were nerdy in different, but complementary, ways, we decided to work together in a loose partnership – our engagement – and co-authored an ebook on personal finance, “Women & Money”.

When all of that worked tremendously well, we decided to get “married”, and create a firm that provides fabulous conflict-free personal financial advice across the country. Spring Personal Finance and JYC Financial merged to become… Spring Financial Planning. Hey, why fix what isn’t broken?

We know that each of us can only serve so many people, but together, we can do so much more.

Planning Team

Julia Chung

Julia Chung

CFP, CLU, FEA, TEP, Partner, Sr. Financial Planner

Areas of Specialty: Retirement Planning, Private/Family Business, Cross-Border Planning

In 1997, Julia got her first taste of the financial services world – and loved it. She took her career through multiple investment firms and credit unions, trying nearly every role she could find and taking advantage of all the education available. In 2011, she left traditional financial services to form a fee-for-service financial planning firm in partnership with an accounting firm in order to serve more people in a conflict-free environment. Just a few years later, she took JYC Financial entirely independent, and a few years after that… merged with Spring Personal Finance to become Spring Financial Planning.

Julia is also co-founder of Admin Slayer Services, and a charter member of Lead Family Enterprise Advisors. Along with Sandi and Krysten, she co-authored the “Women & Money” ebook, and with her co-founders at Admin Slayer, co-authored the “Art of Delegation” and “The Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide” ebooks. Julia loves to write and has held the role of Business Editor at two magazines, and has been frequently interviewed as an expert on Canadian finance for numerous publications, including BBC Capital and Global News. She’s been a finalist for several Wealth Professional awards (always a bridesmaid) and made the 2016 “Hot List” of 50 Leading Figures in Canadian Finance.

Julia divides her time among several locations in British Columbia, including Vancouver, South Surrey, Sechelt, and Anmore. She has a son in the first phase of adulthood, and is on the Empty Nester Starter Package, figuring out what the next chapter of her life might look like. It definitely involves financial planning, and hopefully, a lot of music.


Sandi Martin

Sandi Martin

CFP, Partner, Financial Planner

Areas of Specialty: Retirement Planning, Investment Policy, Planning for Young Families

Sandi started in banking almost by accident, and quickly realized that she could help clients or get good performance reviews…but not both. After almost ten years, tired of the cold calls, team meetings, and apologizing for how many credit cards she hadn’t sold that day, Sandi became an ex-banker (with an ex-pension) and founded Spring Personal Finance, an independent, advice-only financial planning practice to help ordinary Canadians make the best financial choices with the best information possible.

Based lakeside in beautiful Gravenhurst, Ontario, Sandi built a virtual practice so she could serve clients from across the country, while staying home to raise her three small (at the time) children. Five years later, Spring Personal Finance merged with JYC Financial to become Spring Financial Planning. The kids are also bigger.

Sandi is the co-host of the Because Money podcast, and co-founder of Autoinvest.ca (now sold), which helps investors compare the services of Canadian robo-advisors. Along with Julia and Krysten, she co-authored the ebook “Women & Money” in 2016. Well-known in the online world of finance, Sandi has strong opinions about regulation, sequence of return risk, expensive mutual funds…and just about everything else, come to think of it.

Sandi is a loud, frequent laugher, would like more time to read, and has a particular penchant for the ridiculous and goofy. She loves the great food her husband cooks, procrastinates by reconciling her bank statements, and can be found at the beach every summer evening.


Kathryn Mandelcorn

Kathryn Mandelcorn

FMA, Certified Money Coach, Director of Cash Flow Strategies

Areas of Specialty: Money Coaching, Cash Flow Planning

After 15 years in banking, investments and financial planning, Kathryn began her work as a Money Coach in 2012 when she sought to provide cash flow planning advice not tied to the management of assets or the sale of products . She wanted to help people let go of their scarcity mindset, to articulate what they really wanted out of life, to get out of debt and to use money as a tool to support their values.

In late 2017, Kathryn joined Spring to lead Cash Flow Strategies and further enhance the lives of our clients. She helps transform habits with money to ones that are more liberating, truthful and mindful. She develops strategies and implements systems to manage money so our clients can save with intention and spend without guilt. She equips our clients to align their money with their values to live a life they love with the money they have now.

Kathryn is based in Port Moody, BC idyllically situated between her two favourite locales – the forest and the ocean. She is 5 minutes from a mountain bike ride or a paddleboard. She gets up awfully early to take her young son to hockey practice but takes comfort that it’s not year round and she still has lots of opportunity to travel.


Support Team

Christopher Enns

Christopher Enns

FPSC Level 1, BA, Music Performance | Associate Financial Planner, Paraplanner

Areas of Specialty: Money Coaching, Cash Flow Planning

Chris has been working independently in the fee-for-service financial planning space since 2015, specifically providing cash flow planning assistance and education to artists with variable income. Like many of his clients, he is an artist (an opera singer!), and it was recognizing the unique financial struggles of his brethren that brought him to finance.  He also joined Sandi as a permanent Because Money podcast host last year.

Chris is focused on spending the next few years expanding his knowledge and experience. As an Associate Planner with Spring, he works on cases both behind the scenes and, with oversight from Julia and Sandi, directly with clients.

Kate Smalley

Kate Smalley

FPSC Level 1, BA International Business, Economics Minor | Paraplanner

Areas of Specialty: To Be Determined

While working with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them market and sell their work, Kate uncovered a deep desire to also help business owners succeed financially.  She sought out and added a financial planning graduate program to her commerce, economics, international relations and public policy education, then set out to make a difference. Disappointingly, the traditional financial services world only gave Kate the option of selling people things that they may not need. If that was what financial planning was, she was out.

When we met Kate and she learned that there was another way to provide financial planning services, a way that could help businesses and families grow (without sales), and a way that she could learn more about tax and estate planning (nerd alert!), she was in – and so were we. Kate works with Spring as a paraplanner, learning the ropes, and figuring out what she loves best.

Lindsay Niedzielski


Lindsay is an administrative professional with a mind like a steel trap. Coordinating schedules, data and information for financial planners and clients alike, Lindsay is our control center, making sure that things happen as they should, when they should, and that everyone has what they need.

Jiveney Trecartin


Jiveney organizes and manages Spring’s newsletter, website, and social media postings. She ensures that we actually write what we said we were going to write, that we do it on time, and that it ends up in the right places for the right people. She also proofreads our plans and provides backup support for Lindsay.

Tracey Yurkin

Operations Manager, Paraplanner

Tracey happily runs operations in the background – many of our clients never interact with her, but we’d be lost without her. With more than 20 years in financial services, she knows how to build businesses and keep them running.

Tiffany Wilson


Tiffany takes care of the numbers behind the scenes, making sure we record things the way they’re supposed to be, report those numbers to the correct people, pay our team, pay the bills, and pay our taxes!

Krysten Merriman

Krysten Merriman

BBA, Partner, Marketing Director

Krysten and Julia met in 2009, working at an investment firm in collaborative roles. Since then, they’ve dragged each other into every company and opportunity that they’ve encountered. Some teams just work well.

As co-author and designer of the Women & Money and Art of Delegation ebooks, Krysten is well-versed in creating useful, actionable communications and content in the world of finance and business. She takes an educational approach to finance and marketing, determined that her audience is looking for the right information to make great decisions. A creative mind with a fine-tuned computer behind it, Krysten is a digital native with a thirst for knowledge and an addiction to hard work.

At Spring Financial Planning, Krysten is the nitpicky tactical creative behind how we present to the world, managing everything from colour palettes to educational materials, data management, and the delicate construction of sentences.


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