Meet the Spring Planning Team

Julia Chung

Julia Chung

Julia Chung, CFP®, CLU, FEA, TEP
Financial Planning & Family Enterprise Consultant

Julia provides a unique approach to personal, corporate, and family enterprise financial planning services. With well over 25 years in the world of finance, she brings an unparalleled amount of experience, knowledge, and skill to her deep discussions with the people she supports everyday.

Julia’s focus is on providing clear, understandable education, support, and clarity at just the right times to empower people to make the decisions that will bring them closer to the life they really want.

Career & Board Experience

Julia’s career has taken her through investment counseling, accounting, trust, and banking firms. She’s also engaged in businesses, as owner, employee, and family “volunteer” that include media, retail, wholesale, service, and even the arts.

Julia is a prolific writer, having held the position of Business Editor at two publications, co-authoring 3 ebooks on money and business, and of course, regularly writing our blog and newsletter. She also likes to teach, regularly speaking with a variety of organizations, media outlets, and more to share ideas about planning, business, finances and more. You can see some of it on our media page here.

Julia is a founding member of the Financial Planning Association of Canada, currently the President and formerly the Vice President.

Julia has been a Board Director with Family Enterprise Canada since 2020, and is the Chair of the FEA Community Council.

Education & Designations

Julia really loves going to school. She blames her mother’s family, which is chock-full of academics. Her designations include the CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), FEA (Family Enterprise Advisor) and TEP (Trust & Estate Practitioner). She’s decided to stop collecting letters now that there are more after her name than in it.

That hasn’t stopped her from continuing her education, which includes programs through CPA Canada and CPA BC that include U.S. Tax & Estate Planning, CFO Operational Skills, Corporate & Trust Tax Planning… and more. Julia has engaged in programs that include training in conflict resolution, mediation, behavioural finance, succession planning, complex family systems… and so much more. For detailed and updated education, you can find Julia’s LinkedIn profile here.

Ashlee Mulder

Ashlee Mulder


From chaos to organized bliss, Ashlee is a strategic planner skilled in multitasking and prioritizing work who keeps the Spring team moving in operational excellence. She is often the first person you virtually meet at Spring, and the one who will ensure you are well taken care of during your journey with our team.

Ashlee is a results-oriented business professional who has a unique blend of technical, operational, and administrative experience that allows her to ensure whatever needs to get done is checked off the to do list. She is a creative problem solver who thrives on the thrill of the challenge.

Ashlee and her family live in beautiful North Vancouver, BC taking in both ocean and mountains at every chance.

Krysten Merriman

Krysten Merriman

BBA, Partner, Strategist

Krysten and Julia met in 2010, working at an investment firm in collaborative roles. Since then, they’ve dragged each other into every company and opportunity that they’ve encountered. Some teams just work well.

As co-author and designer of the Women & Money and Art of Delegation ebooks, Krysten is well-versed in creating useful, actionable communications and content in the world of finance and business. She takes an educational approach to finance and marketing, determined that her audience is looking for the right information to make great decisions. A creative mind with a fine-tuned computer behind it, Krysten is a digital native with a thirst for knowledge and an addiction to hard work.

At Spring Plans, Krysten is the nitpicky tactical creative behind how we present to the world, managing everything from colour palettes to educational materials, data management, and the delicate construction of sentences.


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