Your Life, Well Spent (pun intended) with Sandi Martin

by | Jul 6, 2021

Originally Posted on The Just Word Podcast
July 2021

What matters to you and how you live your life are important things to think about and discuss with your financial advisor. Finding an advisor that encourages you to approach your own financial plan with a more individualistic and personalized structure will help to set you up for success with your investments.

Sandi explains that not everyone uses money as a scorecard for financial success. She encourages individuals to really take a look at what they value in life and how they spend their time to gain what truly matters to them.

“If financial planning is done well, then the result will have the client feeling more organized when risk occurs. Financial planners should be professional and have ethics so that they live up to the spirit of that standard to benefit the people we serve.”

– Sandi Martin

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