Strategies for spending, costs and income in retirement

by | Jul 21, 2022

Originally Posted on Globe and Mail
Featuring Julia Chung
June 28, 2022

Canada’s inflation rate jumped to 6.7 per cent in March 2022, the highest since 1991. At the same time, interest rates are rising and markets are responding to impacts from the pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine and supply chain issues. These forces are changing the outlook for retirement income and savings and in both positive and negative ways.

The Globe and Mail hosted the Money Matters live event on June 20 to provide tactics for retirees looking to assess their spending, goals and income today and in the future.

“For each individual person, how you would put together your mosaic of financial products is different, we each live a different lifestyle. Financial planning is not a one-time event, it’s something you must do consistently over time.”


– Julia Chung

You can find the full panel here, Julia’s panel begins at 59:39. 

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