Welcome back!!! We hope you made good use of your Free Pass throughout the holiday season, and that when you look back on 2018, you’re feeling really proud of what you accomplished.

If that pride has oddly led to stress and anxiety, you’re not alone. We recommend that you use Jacquette Timmons’ useful steps to navigate your new reality, and this crazy idea to manage those “shoulds” that get in the way. Finally, are expensive mutual funds worth it? Here’s what this Canadian Fund researcher thinks. Scroll down for Sandi’s favourite thoughts and quotes from these articles.

Got time to read more than just three? Check out the bottom of the list for a few articles that made the Runners Up list and this one that we’ve named Miss Congeniality.

Navigating Your New Reality When You Get What You Want

From Jacquette Timmons

 “When you get what you want, you will not be the same person as you were when you didn’t have it. And, you’ll be required to navigate and negotiate a new reality. It’s not easy or entirely comfortable. But that is precisely how it ought to be. It’s the natural price of change.”

Read the full article here.

Maybe You Don’t Need to Figure Out What’s Wrong

From Paula Pant

Five solutions to try when you know what you ‘should’ be doing but just aren’t doing it…and don’t know why.

Read the full article here.

The Academic Argument for Expensive Mutual Funds

From John Rekenthaler

“There’s no real-world justification for owning expensive funds”

…Even though this Canadian fund researcher tries REALLY HARD to manufacture one. (Note that you do have to register to view this article, but registration is free.)

Read the full article here.

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Money Advice is Usually for Middle Class People, Not the Poor | Talia Jane

“The way I see it, being poor is like having cancer: You can’t bootstrap your way out of having cancer. You can seek medical assistance to fight the cancer (Medicaid). You can seek spiritual guidance to give you mental fortitude to power through the cancer (Jack In the Box two for $1 tacos, a manicure, seeing a movie). You can get surgery and radiation to remove the cancer (loans). But ultimately, you have still had cancer, there’s no guarantee it won’t come back, and your efforts to fight through it have permanently altered your genetic code and brain structure.”

3 Couples on How they Make Financial Decisions Together | Pavritha Mohan

It’s always fascinating to read about the many different ways couples arrange their money infrastructure. Bonus, this one contains the line:

“The secret to a healthy marriage is spreadsheets,”

so you know I’m happy!

How to Enjoy Life | David Cain

“Given that we will spend most of our lives in those sorts of obligatory moments, we’re leaving way too much on the table by assuming enjoyment can only be found later and elsewhere.” 

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