How to Transition with your Clients to the Next Generation

by | May 2, 2023

Originally Posted on Wealth Professional

By Julia Chung
May, 2023

Julia hosted the roundtable discussion on transitioning wealth among family members. This is a complex and often emotionally charged subject in which different values, priorities, and personalities can inflame disagreements over how assets should be shared. Professional wealth advisors play a critical role during this process, facilitating communication and understanding while providing clear financial advice.

Several professionals who hold the FEA designation and are members of Family Enterprise Canada (FEC) – a national community of business families and advisors – recently participated in a round table discussion on how some of the strategies, tools, and techniques they learned through the FEA Program have helped them successfully navigate the transfer of wealth and ownership among members of a family.

“When you are advising a business family, she asked, just who is the client? ”

– Julia Chung

Listen to the complete roundtable published on Wealth Professional.

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