Understand and Value Your Time

by | Apr 20, 2021

Originally Posted on Growing Your Financial Business…The Woman’s Way

By Julia Chung
April, 2021

Many new business owners tend to believe that they can do it all. Some quickly realize that in reality, they don’t have enough time and need assistance to thrive and focus on what they do best. In this podcast, Julia discusses the value and importance of hiring help to free up your time to make you more money, and allow your business to thrive. She explains how you need to let go of some of the control and let others do what they do best, to let you do what you do best.

Originally published on Growing Your Financial Business…The Woman’s Way, Julia explains the importance and value of your time, so you can focus on creating and growing your new business.

“You need that second set of eyes. If somebody else steps back and gives you a perspective that you don’t have, you’re going to get further.”

– Julia Chung

Listen to the full podcast published on Growing Your Financial Business here.

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