Grow Their Wealth Episode One: Julia Chung

by | Nov 11, 2021

Originally Posted on Grow Their Wealth
November 2021

In this episode, Julia speaks with Financial Planner Shyam Ganesh, from the Financial Planning company Grow Your Wealth. She details her journey as a young single mother to where she is now, successfully owning and operating two companies – Spring Plans and Admin Slayer. Throughout this conversation, Shyam and Julia discuss various topics such as how the industry has changed over the last twenty years, the myth that financial planning is a form of divination, and how necessary assistants are to building a successful business. Bringing the latter topic to the forefront of the conversation, Julia tells the story of how she started Admin Slayer with her friends and co-founders and how they mindfully created a company culture based on mutual values that have helped grow their businesses to the thriving Canada-wide remote companies they are today.

“If you don’t have a values match with the people on your team, they’re not going to be good partners. You do need the same vision, you do need complementary skills, you do need similar work ethics. But none of that matters if your values systems do not match.”

– Julia Chung

Listen to the full episode on the Grow Your Wealth Podcast Channel.

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