Funding a New Business for Dummies

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Media

Featuring Julia Chung
April 15, 2024

Julia gets to add “technical editor” to her resume on release of this new book, written by Marc Butler and Eric Butow.

Funding a New Business For Dummies drills down to the top question on the minds of entrepreneurs―where can you find the funds to launch your new business? Connecting the dots between your vision and the capital needed to make it happen can be one of the most challenging parts of entrepreneurship. This book helps you over that hurdle, giving you the essential information and advice you need to navigate the path from idea to execution of a business plan.

Discover how to evaluate all the options available, from tapping into your own savings to traditional loans to newer options like crowdfunding. You’ll also dive into finding and negotiating with investors, as well as managing your capital once it’s in hand. Start by visualizing business success, and then put in the work to make it happen, with the help of this no-nonsense Dummies guide.

Buy the book here.

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