Well, that’s nearly it, folks. 2018 is marching away, into the darkness, tucked into boots and wrapped into a warm parka, heading towards the shining beacon that is 2019. We are imagining you up to your chin in blankets, with a warm beverage by your side, cozying up to this month’s top reads. Maybe you’ll even have time to dig into the full list, which includes information on finding your advisor, how to think about risk, retiring at stock market peaks, and how gender identity/sexuality impacts your finances. If you have even more time, you could catch up on some great reads from previous months.

However, if you’re like many of us and time is limited this season, we’ve carved out the top three that are worth a few of your precious minutes. These include a video from our wonderful friend, Shannon Lee Simmons (who just released her second book!), when risky investment behaviour is at its peak, and what wintering cows and your retirement have in common. Happy reading!!!

‘Twas the night before Christmas [Video]

From Shannon Lee Simmons

From our good friend and fellow advice-only planner, Shannon Lee Simmons, a sweet and quirky message all the way from Santa’s workshop. Have some tissues nearby because this one made me weepy. Click here for the video.

The Winter Safe Withdrawal Rate

From Justin Mallory

What do wintering cows and your retirement have in common? Here’s your chance to find out. Read the full article here.

Behavioral Risk Is Highest In The Early Years Of A New Investment

From Joe Picerno

Beware the whipsaw effect immediately following an investment: “the rationale for an asset or strategy isn’t likely to deliver real-world confirmation of the return projections until well after the initial investment. As a result, the preliminary holding period will probably be noise in terms of the returns (or losses), which means that the signal arrives with a lag, perhaps a lengthy one.” Read the full article here.

You can read this month’s entire list below, and browse through past lists here.

Finding the RIGHT Financial Advisor | Spring Team

“if the person you’re asking doesn’t welcome your questions and encourages you to keep asking until you get your answers…well, odds are they’re not the right person for you, no matter how well-qualified or respected they are.”

Mean Reversion of Equity Returns and Retirement Planning | Dirk Cotton

“There is significantly more downside to incorrectly guessing there is less risk than there is to incorrectly guessing there is more risk.”

What If You Retire At a Stock Market Peak? | Ben Carlson

(We (at Spring) have planned for this risk for all of our clients):

“Financial and investment planning is a process and not an event.”

Therefore the only right answer to this question is: let’s find out together.

Queer Finance 101: Ten Ways That Sexual and Gender Identity Affects Finances | Bitches Get Riches

“Social isolation is the root issue of the financial struggles queer people face. Your family is your first and most important safety net. Your next is your community—your church, your school, your workplace. When these nets chuck you out, there’s nowhere to land but the cold, hard ground.”

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