Was “balance” a word created just to trigger your anxiety? Do those stock market numbers people go on about actually mean anything? How do former inmates pay the bills once they’re on the outside? 

If any of these questions have floated through your mind this summer – wow, you are just on top of what we’ve been reading! Nice job, you can start curating for us next month. For this month, the Loonie Doctor has some thoughts on your career and that balance thing, those fab ladies at Bitches Get Riches get real about stock market returns, and Lisa Coxon has the downlow on the realities of post-prison finances.

Once you’re through those and if you’re still feeling curious, we’ve got a slew of articles that ponder questions you may not have considered (yet). Simon Shaw’s thoughts on marketing nudges, Christine Liu’s thesis on imposter syndrome, Brigid Schulte’s courageous words on leisure, and Tom Bradley’s advice for sticking to your investment plan for the long-term, will all leave you with more knowledge, more questions, and more direction towards living your best life, well spent. Happy reading!

Career Satisfaction & Balance: Stick It To “The Man” & Play Your Banjo

From The Loonie Doctor

For our physician clients, with love: “The point is, spend deliberately on what makes you happy and advances your goals. Not on what others expect.” (Come to think of it, that applies to all our clients. Still with love, though.)

Read the full article here.


What’s the REAL Rate of Return on the Stock Market

From Kitty at Bitches Get Riches

“Data is like a Literal Genie. If you rub its lamp, it will answer any question you set before it—but the answers can still be deceiving or even damaging if you don’t word them carefully.”

Read the full article here.


Can you manage your money from jail or prison?

From Lisa Coxon

“When inmates leave a provincial or correctional institution, they don’t leave with a great shot at financial prosperity. Their economic mobility is stunted. Their chances of obtaining any form of credit or even opening a bank account are slim.”

Read the full article here.

You can read this month’s entire list below, and browse through past lists here.

Consumers Are Becoming Wise to Your Nudge | Simon Shaw

Not that we’ve all discovered behavioural nudges: “The broader question, one essential to both academics and practitioners, is how a world saturated with behavioral interventions might no longer resemble the one in which those interventions were first studied. Are we aiming at a moving target?”


Imposter syndrome isn’t the problem—toxic workplaces are | Christine Liu

“By treating imposter syndrome as if it blossoms only in the recesses of the mind, we absolve ourselves of addressing the sexism, racism, and culture of overwork that may be causing the imposter experience. Imposter syndrome is not necessarily a disease of the mind, but perhaps a disease of the system.”


A woman’s greatest enemy? A lack of time to themselves | Brigid Schulte

“Pure leisure, making time just for oneself, is nothing short of a courageous act of radical and subversive resistance.”


It’s getting harder to be a long-term investor: Here’s how to keep your focus on what really counts | Tom Bradley

“The investment eco-system is bent on shortening our time frame.”

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