I’ve got a kind of dense, philosophical reading list for you this month, just in time for that Second New Year feeling that September always brings. Don’t miss the Top Three (below), but if you have more time be sure to check out Dan Bortolotti’s bond performance time machine and this reflection from Jennifer Chan on how the process of paying off debt can change us forever.

Also, be sure to visit the National Pharamacare Online Consultation survey before comments close on September 28th. Your opinion matters!

Now Is the Perfect Time to Ask Yourself: How Am I Doing?

From Jacquette Timmons

I believe when stress surfaces it is an invitation to pause and ask yourself, ‘What is the stress trying to get me to pay attention to?’

Follow up: What Happens When You Expect the Wrong Thing

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The Future of Financial Advice Must Be More Diverse

From Nick Richtsmeier

The assumptions of the eurocentric, male and gentrified Wall Street, which spawned the wealth management industry, are sundry and deep. What we know is that simply saying, “How do we hire and promote more women/people of color/millennials/Gen Xers?” is not making rich progress. I suggest strongly that it’s because we’re too often unwilling to address the unwittingly uniform views of success, the linear and assumed paths to affluence, and the tired inheritances of our industrial heritage.

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The Psychology of Money

From Morgan Housel

This is a long but essential read. Break it up over a couple of days so you can really absorb it. Number 12 is key.

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You can read this month’s entire list below, and browse through past lists here.

The Most Likely Bookend to a Long, Strong Cycle | Tom Bradley

What to do when the grinding market pullback starts:

First, plan for your portfolio to not come back right away…

What Risks Are Worth Taking | Bob French

For most investors (and most of the financial industry) dealing with risk is a lot like making sausage. People want what it gets them, the investment returns, but they don’t want to deal with the process and the uncertainty that risk implies.

Rocket Men Precision | Ben Carlson

Some fields allow practitioners the ability to work with an extreme level of precision, even in the face of uncertainty. Finance is not one of those fields.

Living With Debt | Jennifer Chan

Eventually, as we cross the finish line and become debt-free, all that will remain is a more resilient, positive, and confident version of ourselves—who we were always meant to be.

National Pharmacare Online Consultation | Let’s Talk Health

The deadline to comment on National Pharmacare (and read other people’s comments) is September 28th.

Bonds Behaving Badly | Dan Bortolotti

Take a ride in Dan’s time machine to July 2017 when everyone knew rates were rising and clever folks shortened their bond duration…what happened after BoC rates went up?

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