August 2019 Update

by | Aug 26, 2019

Are you READY for September???

No, neither are we. In a work sense, absolutely, but are we done with summer? Not at all. For that reason, your team at Spring Plans brings you… a newsletter with the goal of extending that warmest of seasons for just a little bit longer.

Before that month of new beginnings snafus your attention and leaves you wondering how it’s already Halloween, we have just a few things we’d love for you to read – preferably on your hammock, or in your canoe, or even at the end of the dock, with your feet in the water.

Sandi’s got a pile of great articles for you to dive into. We invite you to fully immerse yourself in thoughts about career and balance, real rates of return, post-prison money management, behavioural intervention and consumerism, imposter syndrome, the radical act of leisure, and keeping your focus on the long-term.

Not only do you benefit from her prolific article reading, but also, thanks to Sandi’s Adventure Wednesdays, another great book review. Last month, she brought us improved conversational skills with Celeste Headlee’s We Need to Talk. This month, her reading took a slightly darker turn with Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Have you ever wondered why loyalty rewards are so compelling… and who is really benefiting? The answer may not surprise you, but how deep that river runs just might.

Finally, the next chapter in our Design Thinking series is focused on the finances of business owners. Whether you own a corporation, are self-employed, or operating a side hustle, money is just that much more complex outside the world of employment, and we’re walking you through the system you’ll need to see you through the complexity and constant change you’ve invited into your life.

Our next newsletter will be chock full of more great articles, yet another book review, and of course, more design thinking. Happy Reading!

Your Spring Plans team

We hope you enjoy it all! If there are any topics you’d love to have covered, we’re always looking for great ideas. Feel free to contact our team at [email protected] with yours.

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