We are so excited to announce – as you may have seen already on our home page and in our social media channels – that we have another great expert on our team at Spring Plans. Please join us in welcoming:

Darryl Brown, Director of Portfolio Strategies

Darryl is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and joins Spring after working in increasingly senior roles at large financial institutions, and in his own independent practice as a consultant. 

Darryl’s experience in understanding and advising on investments inside portfolios from a few thousand dollars up into the tens of billions, provides our clients with a truly expert mind when it comes to their own personal and corporate investment decisions. 

Darryl creates thoughtful investment commentary, offering a thorough analysis of investments through the lens of aligning these with your specific goals and your lifestyle. He works collaboratively with our team of planners, and with the experts on your personal finance team to ensure that you continue to create your life, well spent. 

Read more about Darryl here.