The point: It’s been a busy week here at Spring Personal Finance, and client commitments trump writing commitments. I’ve always got a few minutes to read, though, and the best in Canadian personal finance news every week to an open list I share with +Jackson Middleton.

It’s a tough week to pick a favourite, but +Glenn Cooke‘s post lifted the curtain on the opaque world of the life insurance industry, and for that reason, he wins (like there’s a long line of contestants clamouring for prizes or anything.)

From his post: “In the end, your best advice will be becoming educated on your options. Choose a broker who educates rather than recommends specific companies or products. Credentials can help, but are not the answer to everything. Be aware of broker loyalty to specific companies or MGA’s. And in the end, consider speaking to 2-3 separate life insurance brokers and choosing the one you feel most comfortable with.”

Canadian Personal Finance News | Week 38 2013

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