I had a chance to meet with Rob Carrick at the Globe and Mail in February and record three Carrick Talks Money¬†segments. Our goal was to demystify financial planning for regular people and to demonstrate that it’s not an exclusive exercise for the wealthy.

Carrick Talks Money: How a financial planner can lighten your load

Rob asks what financial planning for average families looks like and we discuss the difference between financial planning and investment advice.

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Carrick Talks Money: How much does a financial planner charge?

Rob asks what the cost of financial planning would be for a family with young kids or a couple close to retirement, and we laugh the kind of financial plans that are really just huge reports that go in a drawer and no one ever reads.

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The biggest financial planning mistakes people make

Rob asks me what kind of mistakes I see people making often. Spoiler alert: I talk about cash flow.

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