July 2018 Update

by | Jul 24, 2018

Have you ever experienced a period of time where anything that could go sideways did? Did it feel like nothing you planned to do turned out the way you thought it should? Did it feel like you were too busy to catch a breath, never mind catch up on the vitally important stuff…and that everything was vitally important and behind schedule?

We’re here to tell you that this is a universal experience and one that some of us here at Spring have been through recently, and expect to go through again…frequently.

Here’s something to think about from Glennon Doyle:

A reporter just asked me: With the onslaught of bad news: how do you not quit?
I said: Oh, I do quit! Quitting is my favorite! Everyday I quit! Everyday – at some point – I put it all away and melt into my people and my couch and food and gratitude and – joy! – and I forget it all.
Then I go to sleep and wake up and begin again.
Begin and quit everyday! No problem!!!

This is our gift to you this month (and, frankly, it’s our gift to ourselves every month): Quit. Quit struggling against the overload when your plans go sideways. Quit so you can begin again tomorrow. Work with today’s reality instead of the outdated projections and to-do lists that stopped applying when yesterday threw you a curveball.

You may actually find after you do some temporary, constructive, healthy quitting that not everything is in shambles to the degree you thought. All you need to do is the next right thing, day after day, to get back on track. Either way, there’s no shame in correcting your course…or in charting a whole new one.

If you’re feeling stuck, and unsure whether this is the right time to quit, please reach out. We know exactly how it feels, believe us.

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