Summer is here! We hope you’re as excited as we are.  The last six months at JYC Financial have been exciting, fulfilling – and busy! We’ve been growing, adding more members to our team to manage the business as it expands and to serve more Canadians who are looking for fee-for-service, conflict-free financial planning and advice.  At the same time, we want to maintain the quality and experience you’ve come to expect.

We’re happy to announce that we are now collaborating with Sandi Martin of Spring Personal Finance.  Sandi and Julia have been peer-mentoring each other for most of this year, sharing strategies, best practices, and helping each other build. Sandi is a former banker from Gravenhurst, Ontario.  She gets excited about helping regular people across Canada figure out what they want their money to do for them, and to find the simplest ways to do it. She also reconciles her bank statements for fun. 

Sandi all excited about numbers.

Sandi all excited about numbers.

As Julia has a strong focus on complex planning for individuals with corporations and cross border concerns, we know this collaboration will be a good fit for the wide variety of Canadians we serve.

This collaboration won’t change your relationship or interactions with anyone at JYC Financial or Spring Personal Finance. It will give our clients a solid back-up plan if either Julia or Sandi are not available, and you now have the added benefit of two brains working together on tough strategies.

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